A Painting We Van Gogh

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A Painting We Van Gogh


A little about how the studio works

reservations, Parties and pricing

The best of both worlds in one space! A Painting We Van Gogh art classes are so much fun!

Enjoy the opportunity to paint acrylic masterpieces, create a welcome wood board, holiday board, quote or verse board with stain and stencil. Try your hand at painting a beautiful wood cross, wine glasses & beer mugs or try your hand at making a wreath!

No experience necessary! Relax you don't have to be related to Picasso. Just enjoy, be creative, have a peaceful time by yourself, with a friend or two. Gather several family or friends and make it a big party! Your always welcome to paint what you want. That might be something on the calendar, in the studio, in my photo album, on my facebook page or your own idea. You can contact me in advance for ideas or decide when you arrive.

Pricing: 2 for $29 ​ 4 for $55 

Private Parties: $25 per person minimum of 10 ($250 base in the event of no shows)

Private Travel Parties: Minimum of 10 $25 per person $50 Travel fee applies within 40 mile radius